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Subject Matter and General Conditions 2.1 Based on the statements in 269 par. 2 of the Business Law the contracted parties are entering a contract relationship with the subject matter being the provision of machine server time connected to the Internet for the benefit of the user and that under the following conditions. 2.2 The term definition: For the purposes of these contract conditions and business relationship closed in accordance with this contract we understand: 2.2.1 Server - it is a computer continuously connected to the Internet able to work in real time for several users at once. 2.2.2 Client computer - a computer connected to the Internet which uses server's data processing services, issued with own program means for the access and interpretation of processed data from the server. 2.2.3 Lease of machine time - the provision of a part of the computer capacity of the server for data processing and visualizing the results or processing on client computer. Based on this contract the contracted user is supplied with only a partial computer capacity depending on usage of the given computer by other users. 2.2.4 Web Page Management- user data processing within the lease of server machine time with program means of the provider for the benefit of the user and other persons. 2.2.5 User Email Box Management - data processing - handling text and picture messages, handling data files within the server machine time lease with program means of the provider for the benefit of the user and other persons. 2.2.6 The Domain Name - the name of the web page. 2.2.7 The Server Connecter - a third party which supplies the provider with connection of the server to the Internet. 3. The Rights and Responsibilities of Contracted Parties 3.1 The domain name is chosen solely by the user based on his decision and accessibility of the given domain name. The preference when awarding a name is on first come first serve basis. 3.2 The registration of a domain name is done by the provider under conditions stated in the current price list, issued by the provider (henceforth "the price list") on the basis of user requirements. The domain registration validity can be prolonged automatically by the provider without prior consent of the user. 3.3 The user binds himself to pay registration fees and fees for the server upkeep. 3.4 For the abuse of ownership rights related to trademarks by the user and the violation of the law by using the domain name or the address name of the user, which are the business names and trademarks of its holders, the provider bears no responsibility. 3.5 The provider will enable the user the creation and running of web pages, email boxes within the machine time leased. The provider will supply the user with machine time with the following technical parameters: 3.5.1 The programming means for processing will enable program processing in languages HTML, PHP and the access of electronic mail with the assistance of protocol POP3/IMAP or Webmail. The provider will supply, the operating system LINUX to the user. The change in domain location on the server with a different operation system as ordered by the user is possible after the agreement by both parties and when paying an administrative fee by the user. 3.5.2 The volume of processed data is limited by the size of the assigned disc space according to the managed variant. The volume of transferred data between the server and client computer is not limited. 3.5.3 The user is entitled to individual web page update via the transfer protocol FTP. 3.6 The user is responsible for the technical correctness of web pages and for the correctness of outputs on the client computer. 3.7 The user must not promote competitor hosting servers on his/her web pages placed on the Host.sk server. 3.8 The provider has to ensure a continuous web page service for the user. A disrupted service is not considered when there is a case of an electricity blackout greater than the capacity of the service substitute source, blackout in the net or center of the server connector and maintenance of the provider on the server within the necessary limits in order to ensure the server runs. In the cases of other blackouts it is necessary to abide the sanction conditions stated in point 4.3 3.9 The user must not use the service to harass third parties especially by repeated sending of unrequested data. 3.10 The Host.sk server is designed for web page placement and user presentation. It does not serve as disc space for saving files, or for connection with other servers. To increase the content of web pages by connecting with other pages is forbidden. An exception must be agreed upon by the provider. 3.11 The provider has a right to unilaterally change the functions of the service. 3.12 The page users do not have the right to influence and interfere with advertising that has been placed onto our pages, they do not have the right to decide about the choice of a banner position or about the placement of any paid advertisement. Equally, it is not allowed to publish advertising messages by the web page users. Only the provider has the right to publish advertising. Text lines and other servers are not considered advertising (does not apply to paid services). 3.13 The manager of the Host.sk server service proclaims that all information acquired during new page registration are considered confidential and will not be given to a third party. 4. Setting the Price and Payment 4.1 The user binds himself to pay the provider a fee for the supplied services (henceforth "fees") and as stated in the price list which has to be accessible to the public on the service web pages. 4.2 The fees are payable a month in advance, unless agreed otherwise. The provider is not bound to send payment reminders to the user regarding fee payment. 4.3 The provider binds himself to return to the user 1/30 of the monthly fee for each day in which he does not supply services for longer than 8 hours in the agreed way. In the case of the service being down for more than 7 in one calendar month, the user is entitled to the full refund of the monthly fee. The fees are returned only based on written complaint by the user, which is delivered to the provider within 30 days of the service failure. The fees are returned in the form of subtracting from the next user payment. This condition does not apply to the registration fees stated in point 3.3 5. Special Terms 5.1 In the case of violating points 3.3, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.12 the provider is entitled, even without prior warning to the user, to terminate the web page service. 5.2 In the case of not paying the fees according to point 4.2 the provider is entitled, even without prior warning to the user, to interrupt the domain service until the owed fees have been paid in full. 5.3 In the case of not paying the fees for a period longer than 14 days from the due date, the provider is entitled, even without prior warning to the user, to terminate the user web page service. 5.4 The provider is not responsible for the web page content, and also for any damage that is caused to the user or a third party by the web service. The author is fully responsible for the published pages. The provider may only, at the order of the legal bodies of Slovakia remove pages that are not in compliance with the laws and regulations of Slovakia. 5.5 The provider has a right to refuse service to the user if the service has already been cancelled for not fulfilling the service conditions. 5.6 The provider of the Host.sk server would like its users to know that web pages with eroticism must contain a warning that they are accessible only for persons over 18 years of age. 5.7 Web pages not created or amended within 3 months of creation or their last update, (dead pages) will be removed. 6. In Conclusion 6.1 The service is for an indefinite period. 6.2 The service can be refused without stating the reasons. The termination must be done in the written form and must be delivered to the provider 7 days before the end of a paid for service cycle at the latest. The termination can be carried out during a paid service cycle. The service of user pages must be ended within the termination period. 6.3 In case of a DNS record, or a technical contact of the domain, the provider is no longer bound to provide the agreed services. 6.4 The user does not have the right for the refund of the paid sum for the unused service, if he/she terminates the service before the prepaid cycle end and if the termination did not occur due to breaking the contract by the provider. The same result has the termination of the service from the provider's side in case stated in point 5.1. 6.5 Each contract participant is bound to notify within one week the other party about any changes in the persons stated as responsible for the web page upkeep in the service order. 6.6 These contract conditions cancel all the previous contract agreements connected with the server provider service. All other agreements lose their validity.

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